Brain Training For Dogs Review

Brain Training For Dogs Review: Is It Really WORTH IT?

Brain training is an important aspect that most dog owners focus on. “Brain Training for Dogs” is a digital course in this regard for dog lovers. It is the education that you need to have to make your pet dogs fully trained and more admirable.

Such a discussion sheds light on some major aspects of dog training. It will make different scenarios clear for you in the journey of training your dog. 

I have used this course personally and would like to share my encounter in the most transparent way with my fellow dog owners. 

What Is Brain Training For Dogs?

Brain training is a process that emphasizes mental exercises and tricks for your pet dogs. So that they can enhance their learning and education, it not only makes everything fun for them. But also enhances the stamina and mental strength of your dog. 

Making them more witty and playful; brain training is essential if you really want to make your dog’s routine activities a better experience. Brain training is somewhat questionable.

Further sections of this discussion would impart knowledge about that as well!


Does Brain Training For Dogs Efficient And Work?

Brain Training for dogs is important for one sole reason. The reason is the boredom of your pet dog. You might don’t know it. But yes, dogs can get bored too. 

There might not be all Sundays playful for your dog. Sometimes they need to stay in their closures or cages where boredom hits them since they cannot channel their energy and enthusiasm in the right way. 

It makes them become hyperactive, and they might get violent as well. Dogs become a toddler when they don’t get what they want. The course “Brain Training for Dogs” comes with all the important brain games and exercises that help your dog in many forms.


What’s In The Brain Training For Dogs?

Brain Training For Dogs is a complete dog training package with all the important gear you need. Starting with the course, relevant information, and tools that make you a savvy self-educated dog trainer.

You can find this course on any pet platform at an affordable discount rate. You only have to buy the course. Log in to the course, and there you have it! A one-stop solution to all of your dog problems. 

The compiler of the course is Adrienne. She has successfully elaborated on the behavioral changes of a pet dog. Plus, it’s hidden problems. Her course comprises different chapters. Each one of them amplifies some important aspects, which include:

  • Dog Training
  • Puppy Training
  • Behavior and Lifestyle Problems
  • Adrienne’s Archive
  • Case Studies
  • Community Forum

Let’s explore these aspects through a breakdown:

Dog Training And Course Details

The introductory part of the course starts with the compiler herself, Adrienne. She tells you about the impact her training course would have on your pets. Her joyful moments and training sessions with her dog “Einstein” are inspiring. 

You would not want to miss them out!

Puppy Training 

The next section is for puppy training. Keep in mind that puppies are more sensitive than dogs and require more care. The section is crucial to train a pup so that you don’t have to face any problems. Plus, the information is relevant for dog adoption as well. 

Puppy training section predicates age. The narrator says that the right time to garner a strong connection with your pup is between 8 to 10 weeks which is the “fear stage” or the puppy’s developmental stage.

Behavioral Problems

Just like humans, dogs have problems too. Your dog needs its solutions! Being a dog owner, you need to know how you can become able to be a problem solver for your pet. The next section, called behavioral problems, highlights all the possible dog issues and their solutions.

These dog issues are in the form of about 15 blogs where you can read and understand all the issues one after the other. Now, this is interesting since you can explore and analyze your dog’s attitude according to these blogs sooner or later. 

Adrienne’s Archive

The previous section was about all the dog issues, such as random barking. But Adrienne’s archive includes all the solutions! Something that you would treasure being a dog owner. So that whenever your dog acts up, you can refer back to these solutions and settle it down. 

The archive contains solutions in the form of video-based content. The dog tricks and the solutions might not be better explained than visual content. It will make you relate to the compiler more on the basis of your dog’s problems and its clarification. 

Case Study 

The best virtue of this course is the shared personal experience from the compiler’s end. The case study section tells the story of two dogs called “Sadie” and “Maggie.”Adrienne had Sadie when she was facing issues like whipping and clingy behavior.

While Maggie would jump around strangers, the case study of these two dogs would prove to be helpful when you are unaware of solving similar issues about your dogs. 

Article Archives

You will easily find out dog problems like regression and others in this part. There are several articles that help the readers to become familiar with possible dog issues that they might not know about before.

Video Archives

The video archives are all the videos of Adrienne and her dog, Einstein. The play tricks, mental exercises, and behavioral alterations during training sessions are suitable to execute in person. 

Community Forum

Adrienne also gives you a chance to discuss your queries and doubts with her through the community forum. She has also come forward to clarify some FAQs of different dog owners. 

Some of the course buyers and dog owners were successful in resolving the anger issues of their dogs with the help offered by one of the community members on this forum. 

Free Bonuses

Adrienne makes her online course more fun and sophisticated for all dog owners by offering bonuses that are absolutely free for you. 

Explore more about the bonus guide further!

Behavior Training For Dogs

The existing bonus guide is free but is a limited version. It means only a few customers or buyers would be able to get their hands on this bonus. There has been no such statement made by Adrienne which depicts any time extension for this free bonus guide. 

The bonus guide shows some of the most annoying dog issues. These might be unhealthy for them too. The causes and all the speculations linked with these dog issues also revolve around the discussion. 

Adrienne has made a big contribution to the whipping problem of your dog. It’s a subtle and perceivable method that does not complicate things for you. Dog issues like barking, digging, chewing, and random jumping can become irremovable if they begin to prevail. 

Is Brain Training Safe?

The answer is yes! Brain training for dogs is safe, and there is no denying that. The nature of this course is independent and fact-based. Plus, there is also supervision of science throughout the course and its services. 

The term “Force-free” is also called “Positive Reinforcement Training“. The process refers to imparting a positive attitude according to the praise or reward principle. Adrienne is a big fan of this theory and explains its execution as well. 

According to expert dog trainers, reward-driven dog training is the most viable technique for all dog breeds. In this case, there are some major benefits that you need to know:

  • It develops an unwavering connection between you and your pet dog.
  • It builds confidence in your dogs and makes them more enthusiastic. 

Positive reinforcement allows you to implement it on all dog breeds of any age. No matter how much sense they are or what problems they are facing. It is an effective method that performs equally well for all dog sizes. 

The system rendered by Adrienne hosts force-free tricks and exercises. It means you will be independent of any kind of violent or persuasive behavior with your dog. 

Structure Of Course of Brain Training For Dogs

The lessons given in the course have a definite structure that is productive for new and seasoned dog owners. You will get to know about all the tools and the cause of exploring a particular lesson. 

The second step is a walkthrough of the process of different types of training. A subcategory called troubleshooting problems would help you cope with all the problems through a visual demonstration given by Adrienne in this section. 

After that, you will reinforce your dog’s behavior. It correlates with enhancing the difficulty level of your dog’s training sessions. The last step is to keep track of your dog’s performance. That’s important since it will help you re-strategize your training at different intervals. 

The next section is “Obedience training.” It is when you have to train your dog for typical commands like standing or sitting and revolving around you. The section is important, and I would suggest you must not miss it in a hurry. 

I am just being honest! Because if you miss obedience training, you will fail as a dog trainer, and the results would be displeasing too. 

Obedience Training 101

According to the compiler, obedience training is a complete set of commands. I was amazed to see the collateral impact of this entire phenomenon on my dog. 

Below are some typical commands that obedience training would render:

·         Heeling

·         Come

·         Stay

·         Sit

·         Using a lure

·         Drop it

·         Take/leave it

·         Lie down

Preschool to Einstein

There are many jaw-dropping aspects of this dog training course. During my initial days, I had no idea about the “school-like” construction of this system. But as soon as I implemented it, the results were beyond my expectations as a dog owner. 

The objective of this entire structure is to make you and your dog organized and instill a sense of discipline. Preschool is the easiest phase. But you should not get too excited after knowing this.

The difficulty level gradually increases as you move ahead toward the next levels. Preschool includes different mind games, fun tricks, and exercises for your dogs. These would be helpful for it in the further levels. 


Difficulty Level: Very Easy

Pre-School carves out your dog’s attention and attitude. It is the easiest level. With more fun and no discipline, it will become your dog’s favorite level. You have to pay heed to it since it lays the foundation for the forthcoming training levels.

Elementary School

Difficulty Level: Easy

Elementary school means your dog would be implementing what it just learned in the preschool phase. It means your pet will be executing your commands in person. I loved the games introduced at this level. 

These are “Treasure Hunt,” “Ball pit game,” & “Muffin game“. Such games are for helping you keep the boredom and loneliness of your dog at bay for some hours. These games are for boosting energy and enthusiasm too. 

High School

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

High school strategy is for making your dog get familiar with patience and control along with sustaining its impulse. There are individual games determined for it. 


Difficulty Level: Hard

The college section typically highlights your dog’s motor skills. Plus, it also refreshes the concepts of obeying your commands as well. The games at the college level are helpful to increase the mental strength and capabilities of your dog. Make it more patient and witty. 


Difficulty Level: Very Hard

Finally comes the problem-solver level. The university level throttles your dog’s mental abilities and composure. Your dog becomes a good pet when it learns to control its impulse around strangers. 

The motive of this level is to garner a strong connection with your dog. Also, it is beneficial to help your dog cope with the fear of a separation which is quite common in dogs. It reduces random barking too. 


Difficulty Level: Expert

The graduation level will train your dog to become more vigilant toward you. It makes your pet obey you on all counts. It focuses on its cognitive and behavioral aspects that create a collateral impact on your dog in some time. 

Games of graduation level make your dog so witty that it would pick up toys as you speak their names. This would surprise you just like my dog did when I was in the middle of training it at this level. 


Difficulty Level: Genius

When your dog reaches einstein level, it will be housing some dramatic changes in its attitude that you would love. These include cleaning its toys. Your dog would also show you its skills by playing the piano. 

You have to keep track of your dog’s progress. Grade it from A to F, considering its overall performance on each level. You can also grade it by analyzing its pace of task completion. 

The concept of grading is for you. It will help you make a choice that your dog should proceed to the next level or needs more practice at the current level. 

The entire system is flexible. You can adjust the difficulty level of games and tricks depending on your dog’s nature, cognitive strength, and robustness. 

Brain Training For Dogs Pros

Below are some plus points of this course:

  • It has a proper sequence. You start from 1 and eventually stop at 10 in a series of games and dog lessons. 
  • It comprises textual content. If you are a keen reader, you will find it helpful.
  • Each portion has a troubleshooting part where you can find your solutions if you face any identical problem during this dog training journey.
  • It’s completely dog-friendly. So this means your dog learns what it is supposed to in a fun and creative way.
  • It’s budget-oriented. You can have this course for about $47, which is much cheaper than other courses available online.
  • It is worth the price and effort. I am a big fan since it has tamed my dog in a fun way and made it more adept at different things. 


  • It’s all textual. For this reason, it might be boring for the video-lovers. 
  • It doesn’t tell you how to solve each and every problem. Since it revolves around cognitive dog training more. 
  • It doesn’t cover all the dog tricks except the ones mentioned earlier.

Is Brain Training For Dogs Worth it or it a Scam?

Brain Training For Dogs has also been considered controversial due to the way it’s getting endorsements. Different online marketers are endorsing it on social media because they get the commission if they lure the customers. 

Marketers are taking advantage of this course. It is because you will come across different ads and commercials on many dog forums about this one. 

I had to come forward to share my honest review of this course. Unlike others who want to feed off of this course. It has been a success for my dog and me. 

Can’t I Just Learn For Free?

For sure! You have different alternatives, in this case, just like YouTube. The platform has many dogs training videos that would help you with all the ambiguities. But there are some drawbacks that you have to dodge for a pleasant experience.

You need to isolate yourself for many hours watching all the videos. Plus, different aspects of dog training cannot be compiled in a single video, unlike a training course where you can explore and implement at the same time. 

Another setback that should draw your attention is that you have to watch the entire video to find out the answers. 

These videos might teach you irrelevant dog tricks. Some of that probably would not work to get your desired results. Since these are not supervised and don’t relate to your problems, you might quit these videos for dog training. 

One question that I would like to put up here is. Has any of the YouTube videos worked for you and your dog?

I feel it has not. That’s why you are on this review because you have not found the answers that would work out in terms of effective and fruitful dog training. 

Well, if this is the case. Then online courses like Brain Training for Dogs are enough to benefit you from all directions. 

Who Is Adrienne Farricelli?

Adrienne Farricelli is a certified and renowned dog trainer and course compiler of Brain Training for Dogs. She has a spotless career as a dog trainer under the certification of CPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed). 

Adrienne works her career with the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. She pets two rottweilers named “Einstein” and “Petra“. These lovely dogs are her biggest inspiration to compile this online dog training course for other dog owners like her.

Einstein is the main character of the course, and below are her attributes:

  1. It is a good and obedient dog.
  2. The training works every time.

A Sneak Peek Into The Course

The entire system has two prominent parts.

The first part is Obedience Training 101. The purpose of this part is to help you train your dog for all the important commands to tame your dog well. The nature of the course is beginner-friendly.

The second and last part is Dog training. It is the entire crux of the course. It empowers you to completely train your pet dog with special tricks and games. It slowly proceeds to the easiest level and then goes up to the most difficult levels, which include piano-playing games. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does course cost?

Brain Training For Dogs costs just $47, which is an affordable price range.


Is Brain Training For Dogs Scam or Legit?

It is undoubtedly legit and no scam. The trainer herself is a dog owner and describes her experience with dog tricks and games throughout the entire course. 

Does the course Actually Work?

Yes, it works. But it depends on your dog’s appetite to learn and implement. Some dog breeds would pick up the lessons fastly than others. But the effective impact of this course is astonishing with the results. 

Will the course Help My (Specific Breed)?

Brain Training for Dogs is universal for all dog breeds. No matter the size, you can execute this course on your dog without any fear. 


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